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2019 Les Paul Tributes...Gibson, we have a problem

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On 9/13/2018 at 10:54 AM, BenderOfStrings said:


I'm not talking about ES guitars I'm talking about Les Pauls. The trapezoid is one of the trademarks of the Les Paul design. The only exception should be the block inlay on the Custom Deluxe.


On 9/13/2018 at 10:56 AM, BenderOfStrings said:


LOL I sure hope you're not a Gibson representative. Because if Gibson thinks an 1,100.00 guitar is a "budget" guitar then they are more out of touch than I realized. NO guitar that costs north of a grand should be called a budget guitar...ever!


Okay, you don't like the word budget, so you want to ignore the point altogether.  Would you like to pick another word for "less expensive" and stay on topic? 

And speaking of words,  the trapezoid is not a trademark.   I can only guess you mean hallmark.   And even your "rules" apparently allow *you* to make exceptions.     No, I don't work for Gibson, but it is not too hard to see what they are doing.  And it just isn't what they should be doing according to you.  These forums are full of differing opinions of what Gibson should do (offered as facts, not opinions),   Everybody is an expert and few seem to realize their opinions *are* different, and Gibson couldn't do them all even if they were inclined to.

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Sorry I havent read the whole thing ,but I just picked up a 2019 LP Tribute . I actually just bought it yesterday. Ive been through some LPs and 6 month ago let go of my Classic because it weighed almost 12 lbs and aggravated my pinched nerve in my neck. Ive been using my 335 as my lightweight Gibson option , but sometimes miss the LP body shape. Im not usually one to buy budget guitars , but this one caught my attention with the weight being less than 7 3/4 lbs. Also , yes it has Trapezoids . The thing came set up out of the box great without the nut binding that I have become accustomed to with many Gibsons I have owned. Fretwork was great and the build quality is great without any flaws. Love the pickups and the maple neck isnt an issue for me at all . I really like the feel of this . Loved the Rounded C neck as well. Much better feeling guitar than the Faded LP IMO. 

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I'm living on SS so thought that I'd never be able to afford a real Gibson unless used.  Saw many advertised but don't really know enough to buy a used guitar in the price range most were listed for.

Guitar Center showed the Les Paul Studio Tribute 2019 and I watched it for months.  The price got down to $929 (from $1200) and on a whim in June I called and talked with a sales rep.  He said yes I would get the 10% Veteran discount and they probably didn't have any new ones but a few stores showed more than one and a couple might still be new-in-the-box.  I ordered one and he attached a note to the order stating that I wanted a new one if possible.  They only had the Satin Iced Tea Burst left in stock but I like that finish.

The virus slowed things down as many stores were closed while I anxiously awaited word of what guitar I'd be getting.  I called to check the order about a week later and was told that there were no new ones left and I could cancel if I wanted.   The rep told me that many open-box guitars are like new, especially those hanging on the top rows where it takes a tall ladder to reach.  I decided to wait and see what I got, I could always return it if not happy.

I prepared myself for the worst when I drove to the store to pick up the guitar I had shipped in.  A generic box with no Gibson logo told me it wasn't new but I was speechless to find that my guitar was flawless and beautiful.  Not a scratch or mark on it, not even a pick mark on the plastic protecting the pickguard.  Came in the soft case with all the goodies including the bench pic, wow it is nicer than I'd dreamed!

I've had it a couple of weeks now and it is fantastic.  I have a dozen guitars to compare it to (no Gibson but Fender, Gretsch, G&L, Epi and Squier) and the build quality and fit and finish and fretwork are as good as the best I own, it is perfect.  It is a joy just to hold it in my hands and I love just looking at it.  But it also plays great and sounds fantastic!

Some here wouldn't like the dot inlays or satin finish or 490 pickups but I love it and it is still a real US made Les Paul with mahogany body and carved maple top.  The satin finish neck feels smooth and fast and I like the maple, it is likely stronger than mahogany and the headstock may not break so easily.  The body has been weight relieved and it hangs more like a Strat or Tele than my full-body Epi LP.  And it still rings forever, the sustain is amazing.

To sum it up this is a fantastic guitar for not much money and I recommend it highly.  I got mine for a great price ($831!!) and feel lucky to have found it.  Performance has always mattered more than looks or style so this model is perfect for me.  It's not got the expensive bells and whistles that add cost but the basics and heart are there and I can upgrade the pickups and electronics and tuners if I want.

These are still shown on the GC website today if someone wants one.  Hard to tell the condition you might get but maybe it's worth a shot.


Gibson Les Paul 3.jpg

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