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Thinking about a pickup for my forthcoming F25...anyone tried the DeArmond Tone Boss soundhole pup?


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Hi all,

I’m excited to be picking up my new (to me) ‘68 F25 on Friday. I’m trading all my lower end stuff for it, and have been after a great small bodied guitar for a long time. This certainly is one!


I’m now thinking about pickups...I don’t want to go undersaddle or SBT as I’ve fallen hard for the tone of the Sunrise in my AJ, and I want to put another soundhole pickup in the F25.


I love the Sunrise in the AJ, but I think another Sunrise may not be the best choice in such a small bodied instrument as it’s quite a large and heavy pickup.


I’m looking at other soundhole pups and am intrigued by the DeArmond Tone Boss, the demos sound sweet in the Guild acoustic they are fitted in as stock...it’s passive (which i want) and has adjustable polepieces which are a must for me, especially as the F25 has a classical style flat fingerboard and zero radius.


Has anyone tried one? Would love to know opinions.

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