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Another one that should be good for one mic stages.........everybody can sing along! Played around with buttons and knobs in Garageband......obviously I'm not cut out to be a sound engineer. [rolleyes]




If you're gonna hurl fruits and veggies please make them bananas and tomatoes!

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Thanks, fellas! Still getting comfortable with this one but I do thing it will fly at the open mic. Making friends with the J45 again after becoming quite partial to the 35.....new kid on the block, ya know. The 45 is the better player between the two. It really does have electric guitar action and plays so easily. Changed the high E and the B from .012 and .016 of a standard light gauge set to a .013 and .017 respectively, getting a little more pop out of those strings and beefing up the feel of them. Did this same thing a few years back with the Hummingbird but didn't like it much a the time.........this time around I really like it.


Thank you for listening! [thumbup]

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