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Shielded / unshielded cables


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The diff is un-amplified signal (aka: Guitar) verses Amplified (aka: guitar amp head, or PA power amp)


a shielded cable will quickly cook a power amp if run for too long at high output levels. Just too much resistance, which results in too much heat building up in the internals of the amp. A shielded cable is meant to carry a weaker, un-amplified signal, like from your guitar to your amp, the pickups are passive. no power there..


This is the opposite for a power amp or guitar head to a speaker.


think of what happens if you crimp a water hose for too long,, the hose will eventuality burst from the back pressure.. kinda the same with a power amp and a shielded cable. You want that signal to flow to the speakers unhindered. Much the same if you turn a PA power amp on, don't plug any speaker cables/speakers, and crank it.. eventually it's gonna fry the amp.


For guitar, the un-sheidled will work ok, but you're gonna pickup noise, static, and all kinds of "Stuff" you don't want getting to the amp from the guitar.


here's everything you need to know and then some: https://www.fender.com/articles/tech-talk/why-instrument-cables-arent-the-same-as-speaker-cables

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