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EJ-200 (2000 year model) truss rod question


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It's a standard, single-style truss rod.


Since you broke off the nut altogether with a chuck of the truss rod still inside, I fear it remains a difficult fix no matter how skilled the luthier for you can no longer easily reach the truss rod anymore without pulling off the entire fretboard. Then there remains the question whether the neck is alright and still straight depending on how you broke off the truss rod end (by turning too much?).


I would definitely recommend to go check in with a luthier for an estimate on the repairs but don't get your hopes up.

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I have read somewhere that there is tool in the luthier market that can fish out any broken truss rod. Now, in all fairness, just because a tool exists to do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t still a chore and hassle requiring skill and patience to remove the old one and put a new one in.


What is amazing is that the luthier will have the guitar for two months. Most likely, I would think because he’s quite backed up with other repairs until it comes your guitar’s turn to be worked on. That could be a sign of a good luthier having a lot of guitars for repair in the pipeline.


Keep us posted on how the repair turns out.


QM aka JazMan Jeff

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