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Neck flaw in Casino


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Hello all, first time poster here.


I was recently so pleased with a Chinese-made Casino I purchased, that I decided to buy a Japanese-made '65 spec. Casino from a dealer in Japan. Nitrocellulose finish, 3-ply, Delryn saddles, Bigsby, etc. - apparently a run limited to the Japanese market.


Unfortunately, I've noticed in the pictures that there appears to be a knot in the neck, or at least an area that was very close to a knot when the neck blank was cut, around the 6th or 7th fret. This gives me concern, not only because it's a bit unsightly, but because of the potential for later neck problems with warpage, bowing, etc.


My question is - how legit a concern do you think this is? I've simply never seen a mahogany neck with this kind of grain issue. Any advice would be appreciated.


The seller, upon hearing my concern, has graciously offered a discount that would bring the price down to $2k. Meanwhile the only other example of this model I can find available is $3k, so the question becomes, is not having that knot worth $1k to me?




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just MHO of course, but I don't see a problem with this. Just part of the wood grain, not sure it's a knot or just some minor anomaly.


I agree 100%, it's just the grain. When The Kid and I agree, it's almost always correct. It's nice that you got a discount.

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