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Input jack question


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Have not been on the site for a while, but I have a question about input jacks.

Can a stereo input jack be used for an active pick up ?

Problem is, I picked up a beautiful 1971 Ovation guitar that is in mint condition, but the input jack has failed.

This input jack has 4 lugs, and I have searched every where for a 4 lug input jack with no luck.

I was told that a stereo input jack with 3 lugs can be used with the active pick up.

Any one have any ideas on this ?

Appreciate any help, Thanks. BRC

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Thanks RCT

I have owned probably 6/7 Ovations, but was unaware that they used a 4 lug input jack.

Truthfully, don’t even know why I bought it because I can’t play any more due to my left hand.

Only real reason I guess is it is in mint condition, and literally looks brand new.

I will check out the link you posted. Thanks. BRC

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Hey Bill


I would guess it’s probably a switched TRS, this is the only open frame one I can find and it’s expensive




What model Ovation is it? Maybe a wiring diagram is out there


I found this diagram




It’s pretty vague

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Hey there Mr. T. How the hell you is.

It’s been a while.

The Ovation I picked up is a 1971, model 1612.

Really had no reason to get it, other than I bought it from the original owner. Even came with all the Ovation paper work still in the case.


Any way the input jack has failed and I have looked every where for a 4 lug input jack.

Yesterday I found the site you posted that has a diagram of the 4 lug jack and it does show a part number, but every one I have called has told me that part number is no longer available , but then after some internet searching, I read that a stereo input jack may work.

A typical stereo input jack has 3 lugs, but the one that failed has four lugs.

Two of the four lugs are ground lugs that are tied together, so this is what I am confused about, wherther or not a 3 lug jack would work because of 2 of the four lugs are tied together anyway.

Thanks for the help, and if I can find out whether or not a 3 lug input jack will work, I will let you know.


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