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cigarette smoke


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I think you just have to let it air out over a few days. There are some odor eliminator you can find at hardware stores. Stick one in the case.


I lived in Minneapolis when the city passed an ordinance banning smoking in bars. Before the ban, I'd come home from a gig and all my gear would reek of tobacco smoke. After the ban, there was a noticeable difference. As someone allergic to cigarette smoke, I greatly appreciated the ban.

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Good ideas and they should work, or at least help a lot. Might also help if the opened case spent several hours in the sun...........Saw a guitar stained by smoke/nicotine years ago. Smelled pretty bad and the stain was obvious. Imagine what that crap does to your lungs.


I played a ‘70s Gospel a few years back which had obviously spent many years on the wall of the home of a heavy smoker. It was heavy tar stained and felt oddly sticky to the touch. I was intrigued as to how it would clean up with some Virtuoso or similar. Staining aside, it sounded wonderful, as Gospels tend to do...have never played a bad one, despite the Norlin association.

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