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My 1988 SG Showcase Edition


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I did a search on this topic and got only a single hit, so I thought I'd add to the Showcase Edition knowledge base somewhat. Most of what I've learned about the Showcase guitars has been collected from Internet searches. When I bought mine, I'd never heard of a Showcase Edition before, but I knew it had to be something special. I found mine hanging on the racks at a local Guitar Center -- about 18 years ago -- and it had a tag with the absurdly low price of $350 hanging from it. I picked it up, played it a bit, and didn't let it out of my hands until I was out of the store. And the only reason why I did then was because I had to drive. cool.gif


11745732233_e863f26e3f_b.jpgGibson SG Showcase Edition by Michael McBroom, on Flickr


This guitar features the Slim-60s profile neck (which I love), active EMG pickups, the small early-60s style pickguard, and black chrome hardware. I wasn't so sure I'd like those EMGs, but when I tried the guitar out on my Marshall, I changed my mind. It sounds fantastic with those things.


From what I understand, Gibson built 250 of each Showcase model, 200 of which would be sold domestically and 50 of which would be sold internationally. Gibson built two different SG Showcase models -- the one shown here, and another that is red with three pickups and a Gibson Custom style neck and headstock. The giveaway is the Showcase Edition decal on the back of the headstock.


11746241126_94cd599c5d_b.jpgSG Headstock showing Showcase decal by Michael McBroom, on Flickr


I'm sure this guitar will have collectible value some day, but I didn't buy this guitar as a collector's item. I bought it to play and it has not disappointed.

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Thanks, I love it. I agree with your assessment -- a 61RI. The best SG design ever, in my opinion. Although I wasn't aware of the name of the blue color. There's a pretty good dose of metal flake in the paint. If I had my druthers, I'd rather have an early 60s model, but I'm not complaining.


One thing I didn't mention is, because the EMGs are active, it uses a 9v battery. I wasn't aware the EMGs were active, for years, in fact. I'd had the guitar for maybe 10 years when I noticed a dramatic falloff in volume. That was when I discovered the pickups were active. It was by process of elimination that I figured out the 9v battery is located below the pickguard. The guitar gets used occasionally, which may be the reason for the very long battery life, I dunno.

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I"ve had my Gibson SG custom showcase edition with 2 EMG pick-ups since 1990, I played it for several years, so obviously there is some wear on the neck and a few dings on the body.  I haven't played it in several years and I've been trying to find out what it is actually worth.  I'ts the same colour as the SG in this thread.  Serial # 80698570.  I would appreciate any information or direction to go to find as much info as possible.

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