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ES-335 Model

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Currently struggling to Pinpoint the Exact Model of a ES-335, is it possible to do this from the serial number ?

The only details I can currently find out is that it was made in 2005 at the Nashville TN Plant so any help appreciated.

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Serial is not that much help, I'm afraid. Just manufacturing year and stuff.

Modelcode at least tells about nickel hardware and color - that's it.


Code on mine is ESDPVSNH1



DP dot plain top

VS vintage sunburst

NH nickel hardware

1 prime quality passed, which all are


Mine is a Memphis but have no idea if any difference to Nashville ones.


What I look for is pickups - and personally like Gibson 57' Classic ones on semiacoustics like 335.

I have Burstbuckers on an LP Standard, but not sure I like them as much in general - but very different guitar of course.

Newer 335 seems to have Burstbuckers on some models.


Other typical things are finish - figured top, most expensive. More deep laquer and selected wood more refined in looks.

Plaintop - and little thinner laquer and not as much figured woods in top.

Satin finish - is simpler over all.

Studio model - cut down, and saw that latest models seems to have one volume and tone only.

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