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Wiring; help with Buzz!

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I recently built myself an "Epiphone Casino" using a bolt on neck from an early 70s Japanese Epiphone acoustic and a blank ES335 style body. I decided to make it real simple and gave it one pickup with one volume and one tone pot. The pickup is a Kent Armstrong slimbucker (two terminals which, according to the instructions can be either hot or ground). Once I got it all wired up it played great and sounded good but I found that it was buzzing. Not when I touched the jack plate or the metal Q-Part control knobs. In fact, that's when the buzzing stopped. That's the key; it doesn't buzz when I touch metal but stops buzzing when I do).


I grounded the pickup and the jack plug to the back of the volume pot. I also ran a ground wire from there to the bracket that holds the pickguard figuring that would be my body ground. The bridge is not grounded so there is no buzz canceling when it, the strings or tuners are touched. Someone suggested I ground the bridge and so I experimented by running a temporary jumper from the bridge to the pickguard mount but it made no difference. Should I disconnect the pickguard mount and run that ground to the bridge and how would that cancel the buzz? That would also involve removing the bridge to drill a hole to channel the wire so I'd like to know if that should cure the problem before I undertake such a task...


Just wondering if anyone could tell me what I might be doing wrong?



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