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Hipshot keystones on grover machine heads


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Looks weird as if objects from two different worlds that don't mesh were meshed together. Grover tuners without metal keystone buttons always look wrong to me. Even the Grovers with metal kidney buttons, now used by Gibsons on almost all their models, look little desirable to me.

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I swapped Grover to Schaller Keystone tuning machines - what a boost.

Just incredible resonance since so much lighter than Grover and it makes huge difference how guitar resonate.


I did on both 2007 LP Standard Goldtop and 2008 335.


A bit of a sad story with 335 was - just removing wooden screw at bottom and loosening nut - the tuner wobbled around unexpectidly.

I measures hole being 10.4mm to fit a 9.8mm tuning machine - that is not nice.


Since Schaller has the same base - 9.8mm - I used sheet copper metal wrapped around to make it press fit.


On LP though - check how thick headstock is - on my 2007 LP it was over 17mm - so got longer 16mm nut bolts from Schaller to get some extra thread.


I strongly recommend this swap though.

The LP stay in tune like never before as well. It was the most simple Kluson on as standard, the ones having 3/8" hole to fit 1/4" tuner string post, and press busing on top. So virtually no support from base other than Kluson gear housing. And just two wooden screws hold the housing itself.


On LP I had this incredible harmonics in tone that I never heard before.

And both instruments became very different and better beasts.

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