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Is my Gibson 2014 ES-les Paul authentic?


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I bought a second hand Gibson ES-Les Paul. I want to be sure it is no counterfeit. The serial is 11484737

At the bottom is a link to some photo´s. The guitar came with a Certificate of authenticity and a filled out Gibson gold warranty card-book .


The reason why I thought it' maybe a fake is that the details are somewhat sloppy here and there. As you can see in the pictures there is some unpainted wood in the f holes. The f holes are also somewhat rough on the edges. And the headstock has some weird glueish corners. Also the frets are a little sharp on the edges.

The guitar sounds really well and plays like a charm. And I do not really care for the details but I found it strange to find them on such an expensive instrument.



Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


I removed the pick gard myself btw.

post-95956-064011500 1539121549_thumb.jpg

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I bought a 2015 Bourbon Burst model  from CME in 2017. Paid what I considered a great price ($1440) for what was labeled as NOS. I also found a few small flaws, noticeable the same roughness of the f-holes, also some small bubbling of the nitros at the joint of the neck and body. Plays and sounds great though. I would not think your guitar is a fake.

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