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Okay so I got to meet Billy Cox a while back. I am not sure if I have told this story on here on not but here is a pic of me a couple of years ago when I got to meet Billy Cox who played bass for Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock and in the Band of Gypsies. Anyways long story short, I have always wanted to meet the guy since he is the last surviving member of anyone who played with Jimi. I sold a univibe pedal on ebay to a friend of his who won it from me. Anyways long story short, he arranged a meeting for me to hook up with Billy here locally and I got to hang out with him for about an hour and a half. He signed some pics of him with Jimi and the band for me and also a guitar strap of mine.




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Me and my granddaughter


My daughter took this picture without me knowing she took it,its a couple of years old now but i just love this image.



A moment frozen for all time..


Hold on to that, Those days are gone before you can blink 5 times..

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thats a great pic. you should frame that one. im sure you have ...

These type of photos that capture a natural tender moment are my favorites.

Here's one that I caught of my grandson and my little buddy Ozzy waiting on the mailman so we can go out and get it. Our mailman always has a treat for Ozzy so I know his anticipation is genuine.




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Oh, balls. Was going to forego the "drank a lot last night and slept not near enough" caution, but I seem to have deleted the picture from last year's Halloween party, when I went as Ibanez Endorsee, complete with t-shirt.

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Sometime in the early 80s.





One of my fav pix of my wife and I a few years back. we met in 9th grade (1973).




rarely do I pose...



I believe I have commented on the picture of you and your wife before. Probably quoting Lemmy, on the pic of his son Paul and his wife, whose name currently escapes me: "attractive couple, eh?".

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