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50th 2009 v 2002-2008 differences??

Gamma Burst

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HThis is my first post and I thought I would start by asking the main question on peoples minds and what are the differences between the 50th 2009 v 2002-2008 historic 59's.


I see info on the 50th models all over the place but I have not seen any official statements from gibson??:-$ :-$

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There's supposedly 20 or so changes but I couldn't tell you what they all are. The few I've noticed are:

The neck on the '07 is chunkier.

The tone pots have a taper on the '09; whereas, the older ones don't. It's basically 0 or 10.

Not sure, but I think the Burstbuckers were overhauled. The '09 has a completely different sound.

Other than that, I've just noticed a few superficial things.

The serial number is different and the location of the pots has changed.


Are you thinking about buying one?

Really, you can't go wrong with either the '09s or pre-09s.





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