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LP Faded Special from 2005 questions?


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Hi all,


I am trying to find a way to get into an LP on the cheap. I came across a 2005

Gibson Les Paul Faded Special (not a DC) that has a soft stain on it. It has dots on the frets,

not traps and is fairly light compared to my epi LP Standard. I like the feel and sound.


Question: The price on this new is about the same as a used LP Studio with a regular finish.


Is there anything about the LP Faded Special that should worry me? I can't find anything on it on the internet.



Thanks for any help!

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Again, thanks very much. There is another issue. All of the information on LP Faded Specials I can find on the internet

indicate that the guitar came in three colors: Black, Cherry Red, and Yellow.


The guitar I am looking at is stained a very light brown/tan (not as much as the newer LP Studios). So, I am perplexed since I have yet to uncover any information or photos about the color of this guitar I am thinking about buying. Could it possibly be a Jr?


I am worried about getting the exact model down in my head since I play a style of music in which I need HBs, not 90s or other single coils.


Perhaps I can get the serial number and contact Gibson for an explanation?



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Hi Folks - I copied down the serial number and called Gibson. They say the guitar is in fact a special faded with 490 and 498 PUPs. Lesson appears to be that some faded models don't look anything like the other. This one was the cherry red. Didn't come close to anything most would call a faded red. Again, thanks. They want $750 for it new.

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