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1966 ES-330 MINT & 1960 SKYLARK GA-5T


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Hello Everybody,


I am new to the Forum, may add this post in the "Introduction" section, too. In any case, I am mainly an acoustic guy with a nice stable of Guild & Gibson & a few other acoustics, including a 1946 LG-2 in awesome condition. My main gigging guitar is a '93 Westerly Guild JF-30 (Blonde).

While I am not, by any means, an electric player, I have, for years, sought to add a '60s Gibson electric to my collection. After some thought, I decided upon an ES-330. While I recognize the ES-335 is much more versatile and, hence, much more collectible, my budget and the style of music I play make the 330 the much better choice. I have spent many, many hours looking online, mostly just dreaming as opposed to with any immediate intent to purchase.

Recently, however, I saw that Willie's- a truly stellar and a nationally well-regarded shop- was offering what they described as a "Mint" 1966 ES-330TD. I decided that I would never find a better 330 and never from a better shop, so, I should either buy this one or quit looking. Given the number of guitars / guitar cases in my home, I knew I could slip another one in without my wife noticing, haha. I decided, though, the guilt would be too much so I told her about the guitar and she, for the zillionth time, confirmed that I married the right woman when she told me she thought I should make the purchase! I hopped in my car, drove over to Willie's and, after playing this beauty for 10 minutes or so, did the deal. One of the employees told me that, in his many years at this awesome shop, he'd only ever seen 3 guitars classified as "MINT". I now own one of them! Oh, and I was born in 1966 so the whole thing seemed meant to be!

This transaction occurred about a month ago and I am truly one happy dude. I am an Americana-ish singer-songwriter and, for 35 years, have played only acoustic. I am learning the joys of electric and having so much fun!

One final thing. One of the reasons I chose a 330 is because, as a full hollowbody, I knew it would sound alright with no amp. After a couple of weeks, however, my desire to really see what my new friend could do led me back to Willie's. I spent a bit more money that I don't really have and came home with a super cool 1960 Gibson Skylark GA-5T. Together, this guitar and this amp have already provided me hours and hours of good times. I think, truly, I found the perfect little rig for myself. I know the limitations of a 330, as well as of the 5W Skylark. At the same time, I am not a lead player in a band, nor will I ever be. While I may- may- occasionally gig with this set up, for what I do mic-ing the Skylark should work just fine.

Thanks for indulging me. I am just so excited and so enamored with these new toys that I had to share with like-minded folks. I've included a couple pictures below, the ads that first caught my eye (though, the 330 is marked as "SOLD" 'cause they left it up after I made the purchase 'cause it's such a cool piece!).

Happy Playing, Everybody!


post-96119-034816600 1539789838_thumb.jpg

post-96119-046533100 1539789852_thumb.jpg

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Welcome aboard Busler. Looks like you score a couple of nice toys there. I have an ES-335 that I really like and have considered picking up a full hollowbody of some sort some day.


How long has Willie's been in business? I was born and raised in the Twin Cities, but moved away in 1984 and only visit friends and family up there every so many years. About ten years ago, I visited a guitar shop in St. Paul. I don't recall the name, but from the location and the online pictures of the business, it looks like the same place I visited.

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