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Mark Simpkin

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Hi All, I am currently using D'Addario EXL110 10 to 46 strings on my ES355 with Bigsby.


If you have any suggestion on a better string to use, I'd be keen to hear from you.


regards Mark


Hey Mark,

I mostly go with the same. You could try Ernie Ball Cobalts. Check out the write-ups on their site. The things the hype, IME,, is pretty much right on the money. more touch responsive, w/more output.


The down side is they do feel different, and it takes a few hours of playing for that feel thing to subside. But they are a great string product for an electric Guitar. MSteeles another EB product to scope out, they are similar to cobalts, but they feel more like nickel.

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For what it's worth, when I moved away from D'Addarios on my CS-356 about five years ago I eventually settled on DR Pure Blues 10-46s after a few experiments and have never looked back. They seem warmer and less 'brittle' sounding in that guitar, and seem to create a richer, more 'round' and full sound.


But that sounds lvague, even to me. Kind of depends on what you're looking for, what direction you want to take your guitar's sound... but if you're just looking for a change as I was, I liked my results.

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