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Check out this guy. He replaced his original battery pack with better batteries for his Gibson Robot. The originals have a terrible shelf life and loose power quicker than the metal based batteries mentioned in this article. They also cost around $60 bucks. He describes how he replaced the originals with batts. off the shelf for a better experience. Let me know if anyone else has had a similar experience: http://www.wabbitwanch.net/blog/?p=1130. I'm thinking about going this route with my Ebony, 2009 Les Paul ROBOT.

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I know this is an old thread but, I did the same thing and it works great!  $5 pair of NiMH AA batteries on Amazon, some hot glue, solder and electrical tape.  My 2008 Wine Red LP Robot Studio works like new again. Took about 15 min at a leisurely pace. I'd considered the "un-robot" procedure but given that there a no issues anymore, I might just leave it be until a tuner or something else fails.

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I wanted to add to this issue. 

I have a Gibson Les Paul 2006/07 original limited edition blue guitar with 1 gen Tronical tuning system. Its been dead for years, and I kept it with me. The battery died sometime in 2010 I believe. Many years later I now work with electronics, and I decided to figure out how I can revive the guitar tuning.

I made my own Nimh battery pack with 2x 2000mah 1.2v batteries. What I did was I made a nice connector pack and with that a thinner wire. Then I connected and I heard a slightly ticking from the tronical cpu, and MCK has all leds flashing blue. weird I thought. its getting 2.7v. That was yesterday,

I slept on it, and I know that the original battery pack doesnt have any electronics inside it. So I connected my bench power supply directly to cpu terminals, and cpu/mck started up fine with 2.6v from my bench power supply.

What I think is going on here is the resistance when starting cpu and MCK from the battery, and it needs to draw alot of energy to do the tuning of all motors. I guess theres a dc-AC converter within the electronics and that draws a certain amount of energy.

So for those who want to change the battery pack themselves, ensure the cable from battery is thick enough and voltage is correct.

Nimh batteries 1.2v has 1.0-1.1v cutoff, meaning 2.2v is cutoff for red battery icon (I saw this), and changing the voltage to 2.4v green battery icon. Nimh batteries 1.2v charge to 1.4v = 2.8 volt connected in series.


For those here who has blue flashing even battery pack delivers 2.6-2.8v, that means battery can not deliver enough amp to start cpu with its dc-ac converter to do the tuning. This means a battery change. And the thicknes wires to the battery is important.

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