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Hello folks I've just found a '93 Emperor(VS), possibly Joe Pass model but logos missing on scratch plate & trusssrod cover. Does anyone know if bone was used as nut material or is it plastic? Intend fitting CTS pots & Switchcraft jack socket, should be an improvement, any opinions or experience?

Thanks, keep strumming!


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I do not know the answer...but, at 1 point in time, about 20 years ago, i did own an Emperor Regent, which, a far as my memory serves me, the nut material on it was some type of plastic. The "specifications" do not state the material, but, and I am only guessing, if it was bone,that fact would, in my own opinion, be stated, somewhere in the "spec's", but,it isn't, on the specifications "page" . Hey, i liked it, very much...but, I obtained a "Broadway"msp_smile.gifmsp_smile.gif, and this Ibanez thingmsp_smile.gifmsp_smile.gifmsp_smile.gifmsp_smile.gifmsp_smile.gif. i must honestly admit, even with my exuberance for all things Epiphone, that the ibanez is one of the very most excellent and just plain finest guitars i have ever had the pleasure to pluck, beat and strum. The nut on my Broadway, which is quite similar to the Regent, is made of plastic.









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