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deckadance 2 crashes all the time with CMD STUDIO 4A

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I'm having a problem with my behringer CMD studio 4A. Each time I run it, Deckadance crashes. So I can't use it.

Is there any related problem (stability, compatibility) on a windows vista 64bits computer ??

The strange thing is that before it would crash only when I played on 4 decks, now it crashes straight away while opened, or sometimes I can play 2 minutes and as soon as I load the deck B, it crashes.

The programm seems to be shut down by the DEP (name of event BEX), but if I disable this DEP, it crashes anyway (name of event APPCRASH)

I don't understand why. Pease help me, I'm turning crazy with that !!!


PS: I mention that I uninstall/reinstall audio drivers, but it changes nothing.

(Maybe I should try on another computer running 7, but I lost my yellow behringer voucher and so I don't know how to install it on my other computer...)

Thanks for your reply.

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I discovered the reason of the crashes. It may help you to understand what happens. DD crashes when its window is maximized. Everything's all right when window is smaller size, I can play, no crash. As soon as I maximize the window, it crashes straight away. The DPC latency checker is on top in red when maximized window and get back to normal value (green) when smaller size..

What's the problem then ?

Thanks for your help !

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