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Birthday/Another NGD Day!


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Love the small bods. X-Braced? I recommend Th-Infeld Spectrum 13's, tuned down D to D. Good luck getting any bottom end, though.



It is the experimental ‘no bracng at all’ type of guitar....


I will leave the current strings on a few weeks before changing them - let the guitar acclimatise a bit.


On the back, it says Made in USeh by Sibson Guitar Corporisation.






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My first thought was that it was going to be hard to play. But then...


Tune to open D, and fret with your index finger.


In any case, it's only going to be a strummer. Don't even think of fingerpicking if you have normal-sized hands.


Only the plus side, you could own dozens of these, and your wife would have no idea you'd bought another guitar.


As ZW sez, might be a good guitar for a mini-humbucker.


And Happy Birthday!

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Can anyone tell me about the little mark on the top bout? Do I need to return it? Call customer service/help desk? Is it all my fault?


Can anyone read the serial number? I can’t find the factory order number.


Use a humbucker? Na, won’t work with my Tonedexter.


I will play it a week or so before I decide whether to install a K&K, an undersaddle, a soundhole or perhaps start cutting to put in the full Maton pickup shebang!


But I can’t wait too long as I have to play a mini-set with my Minii-Me at a mini-concert, which I shall arrive in style at in a ....Mini!





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I just spoke to my sister interstate and she said she got the guitar from a guy at the City Market called Tiny Tiny Tim.


True! [lol] [lol]


He also had a piano and a banjo....





There's an old joke in there about a ten inch pianist but decorum and maturity demand I restrain myself...love the git!!! And the case...

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