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Hello from Melbourne, Australia


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I’m Michael:


- 24 years old

- Senior Staff UX Engineer @ GE

- Collector of antique furniture, fine wines & whisky & I suppose now, guitars.


Short history of my guitars:

- 1998 in a small apartment in Kiev I was handed my first guitar. It was a P.O.S bazaar acoustic, but I learned all I could on my own with that thing and it is still knocking about in storage .

- 2006 same place, Kiev, I pick up a Soviet-made 1987 ‘Ural’ Electric. This thing sounded awful but it was closer to the dream. I still have it and it will make a cool project guitar when I have time.

- 2009, Sydney: My first “real” guitar was a second-hand 2003 Gibson Melody Maker in Cherry with a huge dog ear. Love that thing.

<power gap while I built my career>

- 2016: Decided to reward myself with a 2015 Traditional “Mahogany Top” Limited Edition #82. After a lot of CITES related surprises during import, this thing has reinvigorated my love for the instrument and has since become my daily & display.

- 2018: in about 2 weeks I’m picking up a 2000 Gibson ES-335 Dot ‘59 Reissue with a beautiful maple flame top. Very excited about this one.


So there you have it.


i think I’ve caught the bug now, so I decided to join the support group.


Dont be a stranger!



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Welcome to the Gibson Board Michael. msp_thumbup.gif I haven't been on here for a bit so let me be the first to welcome you aboard. Very nice to have you join. Melbourne, I have a friend here very close to Melbourne, goes by Digger on these forums. You can find him on the Epiphone lounge. Very nice guy as is so many here. Love your dachshund too. I love all dogs but used to show Dobermans when I was younger. I have a Doberman now that is named Sundance. My wife insisted on naming him that since my name is Butch. So, whats your dachshund's name?

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