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345 pickups

Johnny Boy

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I don't think so. I have a BB King Sig model with a Varitone. And as I recall its 2 wire. What my guitar has that most if not all 335 shaped guitars is a control cover on the back. I will look when I get home later tonight. I am out of town to see Chris Stapleton.


I've never heard of a 345 or any other Gib model with varitone and 4 wire pups. If it did have 4 wire, it would be pointless to install them without a push pull control or micro switch I would think.

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I have had the "pleasure" of removing and tracing the harness from a '64 VOS ES-345 and if definitely doesn't either have or need 4 wire pickups given the tonal variation available via the Varitone. In fact you couldn't use them without a push-pull pot. The standard wiring diagram of the 2016 '64 VOS ES-345 is attached. I've left out the pot ground wires for clarity. And yes, it is in fact the stereo wiring loom with the outputs joined at the mono jack. Gibson have confirmed that this is as intended,

post-79184-055451800 1547422142_thumb.png

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