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Casino + VOX what OD?


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Have a Casino 1965 Lennon signature and I play with a tremendous vintage VOX AC15.

What OD you folks use?


We Beatles Rolling Petty ...British & American classic Rock



I've been thinking about this question, and I'm wondering, since you already have a great tube amp, why not look for a good boost pedal, rather than an overdrive pedal? There are some great ones out there that will push your amp, rather than dirtying up stuff. Supro makes a great one, happens to be a nice used one on everybody's favorite auction site, for only $50 (no affiliation). MXR, TC, Electro Harmonix, Wampler and Fulltone make great ones, too. If you can find a nice quality used pedal, to try, you might find that's the type of pedal you're looking for. Take the money you save on used and put it towards some good tubes for your amp.

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After having multiple stomp boxes and patch cords, I needed to reduce the noise being produced by so many connections. I started looking at multi effects with simple analog controls, I hate digital interfaces.. So anyway I am really pleased with my Tech 21 RK5... These cost a bit more but are very versatile.. The best thing to is to try your perspective pedal in a store, remembering that low volume while drive compensating and high volume do not sound the same.


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Closest I come to an overdrive is a TS-9. But a JangleBox makes it sound really good. I have 2 Casinos - a Standard with a Bigsby and an Elitist. Both play through an AC15H1TV.


I've got 3 Casinos. I have a Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer & a 50th Anniv Byrds Janglebox. I find, with the right Amp Settings, when I engage the Janglebox I don't need an OD Pedal.... Un less I want radical amounts of Distortion.....


Love the Janglebox but I'm not that sold on the TS-808 with Vox & Casinos... Great with Fender Guitars & Amps though...

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