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Reshaping a P-90 Cover


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Hey everyone--


This may be an odd question, but I am wondering if I can reshape a vintage dogear P-90 cover.


I am considering having Jason Lollar wind a new P-90 to add as a lead pickup to my ES-125. I am considering a Lollar because he can make and wind pickups to complement already present pickups in a guitar. On top of that, he is able to work with old pickup covers and to build a new pickup to fit a vintage cover.


I ran across an old low-profile dogear P-90 cover very similar to the odd ones used on the '50s era ES-125. They do not extend as high as modern dogear P-90s, and they are more rounded than the current versions (nowadays, the dogears tend to look a lot like soapbars with wings). The only problem is that this one is somewhat deformed, as though heated to a high temperature and bent to fit an archtop and flattened/stretched out a bit (probably in an attempt to match the footprint of a more modern P-90). The job was not done very well, though, and I'm wondering if the old plastic on these covers can be heated (steam, boiling water, etc.) and reshaped back to original form. If so, then I think I might have a vintage cover that would fit perfectly with the mojo of my already somewhat doctored ES-125.


Any thoughts you might have would be much appreciated. If I don't find an answer here, I might just contact Mr. Lollar directly.



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