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I had a Goldtone Beard set-up PBRCA (cutaway). Nothing touches it for under a grand, which is what it cost when i bought it. I think you will be pleased. I currently have a Gretsch boxcar I use for some recording in my office, but the PBR has a much fatter and warmer tone.


I think congratulations are in order.


PS I I have always been interested in the fairly new Mule brand... but they are pricey, and I think I like the warmer tone of wood.

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Congratulations on a fine instrument.


If reso is someone's primary instrument, they may want a high end model. Otherwise, Beard cone comes with the PBR. I've had my PBR for 5-6yrs. fantastic for slide or arpeggio. Try a Clayton Pork Knuckle slide if you want a deep rewarding tone. Thin slides just don't get down there to the magic it can deliver.

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GREAT reso! I play quite a bit of resonator and have really enjoyed every Beard guitar and Beard coned Nat/Dobro I’ve played at sessions etc.


My own reso is a 1930s Dobro M32 fiddle edge, with the original pressed lug cone. I’ve thought about trying a Beard cone in it to see how it fares, but the tone as it is is something of a marvel, so it’s stayed as is so far.


Enjoy the Beard!

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