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Hey Gilliangirl.........


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Did you get that J45RW?


I hope not......


You'd really hate yourself, because you'd quit your job, sell your car, buy a bunch of wine, and a few extra picks, and sit around in the woods (well, in the snow up there......) and just play it all day long. Without a care in the World.


And Magic would be mad, wanting alimony, heck, probably child support, (okay, forget that.... I'm drinkin') and the next thing you know, you're in the local paper.


"Crazy Guitar Girl Won't Leave The Woods" ...... Peta would protest you for keeping the squirrels up all night with your constant strumming.




Oh yea......


hg was the...................


"Hall Groper".


I forgot, if I reminded you that?


Best of luck......



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Hall Groper!! That's it!! How could I forget something like that??


I did not get that J45 rw but never say never. I couldn't retreat to the woods Murph, in fact, I could not even play outside as it's -31 C with the windchill and I can't play with fleece gloves and a down parka on. Btw, do Americans know what a parka is? LOL Yes, maybe the squirrels would go, well, squirelly with my playing but my cats would relish the break of my relentless plucking. Things is even worse around here since I discovered an online drum machine haha!

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Wow- that is COLD! I thought NY was bad.....where about are you in the great North? Near Bosman?=P~


You must have some good skiing there.?


I tried a J-45 RW at a local guitar shop / very nice, also had a killer sounding adi top quilt mahogany back J-45 Custom there but I already have a Gibby that I love [-X


Try to stay out of the cold & curl yourself up next to the fire with that beautiful Gibson you've got .....

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Hi BirdDude!


I'm 8 hours drive north of Bozeman! If you stop for lunch and a cinnamon bun it's 9 hours. I'm not a skier (anymore) but I'm an hour from the mountains too so some of the best skiing in the world. I'm definitely the sit-by-the-fire-and-play-your-guitar kinda person!

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