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I could not find anything about LPX on the forum so i share some info and thoughts about my LPX Transulent Black 2013


My LPX is well made with excellent finish beautiful figured Maple and very nice to play, not much to complain aboute, maybe a bit more difficult to change strings cause of the robot tuners but on the other hand, Ratio 40:1 is awesome!

I really like the feel functions and the buillt in effects, i have five different acoustic guitars and i have the sounds of Vanhalen, Yngwie, OZ Fox, Europe, Scorpions, Shadows, Rockabilly and chicken picking and a couple more usefull sounds all in the same guitar and without tre more guitars and a bunch of pedals and cables :)

post-96710-016900700 1541766995_thumb.jpg


I prefere the traditional Gibson headstock with pearl inlay 3ply bellplate and bone nut over this new headshape gold logo black saddle tunerknobs and 1ply belplate, so far i changed the bellplate.

post-96710-092349600 1541773221_thumb.jpg



It hade some strange behavior, with the tog-pots in end position the effects disappeared and i had to re do the settings in edit mode, very anoying, so i contacted Gibson and guess what, they were very friendly and almost immediately they sent new tog-pots so now it's working fine again, i am realy blown away about the fast outstanding service and the tog-pods was very easy to replace [thumbup]

post-96710-078584500 1541781039_thumb.jpg



The batteries last for 2-3hours and its ok but it would have been better with a fast change battery slot, and even though i have a bunch of batteries it would be nice with a button that made the guitar totaly passiv so you could use it with the 5way switch and blue tog-pot to swich between single-up humbucker-down and all three in the middle without battery :)


The only effect i dont use is the looper, it just loops everything and thats useless for me if i cant play solo with the loop in the background, maybee i dont understand how to use it :-k

And the automatic tuning is not allways in a second, it would be nice with a fast alternate tuning, it sometimes takes close to a minute and sometimes not at all so i have to tune the last string manually, and there could have been a better equalizer and compressor, maybee i can fix this in the computer with Gnode?


Thats it! You are wellcome if you want to ask anything about it or if you have some good input and ideas :)

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I forgot to mention a couple of features, there is a piezo-pickup in the Tune-o-matic bridge for acoustic sounds.


And from what i can understand is only FBX and LPX that have this special minihumbuckers, Alnico V magnets in neck position and Alnico II magnets in bridge position and ceramic magnet in middle position, and just knowing it makes me like the guitar more [razz]


But i havent checked the pickups my self so i dont know if its correct just because it's on gibson.com ;)

(i dont think the webmaster is a dedicated guitarplayer so there are some incorrectness here and there)

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Hi, yes iam actually hard to please and don't like crappy things, so I'm pleasantly surprised by most of this guitar!


I'm a lover of old vintage guitars but I also like some hi tech and multi-function guitars if it's user-friendly and has an authentic sound, and not at least quality built and appeals to eyes ears and and fingers, not as FBX looked like at first, that was a pure disaster,if Gibson had made LPX first, maybe there were more who had one, now i do not know one anybody who has, I'm probably the only one on the globe [biggrin]


I completely agree with you in the topic soup, before i become member i searched for FBX and LPX and the others, but I found nothing and the search function just gave me error message, maybe it works now when i am a member?


Yes, the hunt continues :)

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