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G-node / Gnode interface problems


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I have a connection problem with G-node interface breakout box!


post-96710-023168500 1541789612_thumb.jpg

I installed the FBX editor 2.14 and the G-node driver in win7



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The program finds the G-node but cant detect the guitar!



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When i plug in my LPX and strum there are no sound and no indication on the led on the G-node, BUT when i touch the strings or metal on the guitar there is sound and the LED lights upp, is it a ground problem in the G-node or some kind of component failure? AD failure?



post-96710-052477800 1541792105_thumb.jpg

I installed G-node in three computors Win7 with 2,14 and 2,16 and Win8,1 and Win10 with uppdates and file replacments but still the same, computer finds G-node but not the guitar.


The guitar works fine in any AMP and i am happy with that but it's strange it did not work with the Gnode on any computer, i tried grounded and original with no ground, do you have any idea of what it is, did you have same problem?


I really want to use the G-node and the program and edit varitone and some sounds and effects in the guitar :)

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I have the LPX but it works the same, i installed the 2.16a and 2.14 from Gibson, then plugged in LPX with the stereo cabel to the G-node and G-node to computer USB and if the G-node is functioning as it should it will find your FBX, (fully charged battery in FBX and power to the G-node from USB cable and i also hade a fully charged battery in the G-node for sure)


Version Type (pdf)
1.3h Manual
1.2b Quickstart
1.0b Editor Manual
1.0a Editor Quickstart
2.16a G-Node Audio Interface
Version Type (executables)
2.14 Editor Setup - Windows
2.14 Editor Setup - MAC
2.16 Editor Setup - Windows
*Important, please read
2.16 Editor Setup - MAC
*Important, please read
N/A G-Node and FBX Editor Patch - Windows 8.1
*Important, please read
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