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Fake band gets caught


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A wonderful story, I had an effing good laugh.....a real LOL!!


What a dork....it's actually made the BBC news website this evening as he's cancelled his Belfast date.





Yes.. Its all very silly.


The time and effort put in to doing that would have been much better off spent actually building a proper band and actually getting good.


I guess everyone is looking for that short cut or gimmick to propel them in to the spotlight.. While it can work in this case I think hes had his 15 minutes..

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What were they like Rabs?

If they are good I might check em out anyway - I'm not really into big crowds these days.

From what I read its a one man band and the best they could say about him is he was very enthusiastic and the guys he hired to play were ok... I guess we can all draw our own conclusions from that.

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What a bizarre escapade!


Considering how much thought and effort must have gone into all the underhand dealings and fake-news management side of things I find it extraordinary that the clown didn't seem to have even a 'Plan A' for what would actually happen - from the club/venue management side of things - when no-one at all shows up for the gigs. If he had been promoting himself and his hired hands as a support band then at least there would be the chance that a fair-sized audience would have been in attendance for the main act but to promote yourself as the main act knowing you have no fans, no fan-base and no word-of-mouth to generate any ticket sales whatsoever?


I see many of the comments suggest he might be a 'bank-of-mum-and-dad-rich-kid-living-the-rock-star-on-world-tour' dream but surely the penny must have dropped on the evening of the first gig? What on Earth did he imagine was going to happen???


Passing strange.



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New updates at metalsucks.net.


Truly bizarre. This has apparently been years in the making!

It all just makes it worse..


As I said above, if he put that time in to actually forming a proper band and doing the hard work, hed have possibly had a better chance.


Faking it all like this leads me to think that hes probably just a total knob who no one wants work with.

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Well, I for one say "good on ya Jered"... 5 mins net research suggests he played all instruments on his album, the YouTube official video is not my sort of music but the crowd (small gathering?) clip from the Manchester gig suggests they gave it a go to rock out at least and had the backdrop and whathaveya.


Maybe he thought word would spread as they went along, or that Europeans would turn out for anything metalesque? In any case, I'm not about to waste sympathy on promoters, and may even think about it and smile when I play to more people than his entire European tour on Saturday night - we can always say "well, at least..." [laugh]

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