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Who has your favorite SG tone?

Guitar slinger

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I'm just copying the thread they started at the Les Paul section.


It doesn't have to be one person alone. And you are freely to say: "I do have the best SG tone".


So to start I'm gonna quote RichCI there on the Lester's thread:


Me. Really' date=' and I'm not bragging or trying to be a smartass or anything. If I liked someone else's tone better, I'd probably be trying to sound more like them (although I'll admit to having some similarities to Billy Gibbon' tone...).



In my case I think I almost got there. And the similarities, in my case, are to Thom Yorke' tone.


Now my life is in danger.



Enjoy yourselves.

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I think for sheer power and purity Angus Young. Like him or not, his SG has the biggest balls of them all. Others get interesting variations on it, but his tone slams you and squeezes you where you like it.


Runners-up: "Leeds" Pete Townshend tone and Steve Marriott



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Angus Young! He has one of the best guitar tones in general. Because it´s just a good guitar through a good amp. And nothing else. Angus once said in an interview that the only effect between the guitar and the amp is him.


B.t.w. I´m not an AC/DC Fan. Didn´t buy any of their stuff since Brian took over.

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Angus, obviously, being the huge fan I am. As you might've guessed he was one of the reasons I bought an SG let alone started playing the guitar. I really like it because it's so simple and pure, yet so great. I guess it really shows how much you can do with just your fingers, a guitar, a cord and an amp =D>



One of my own pictures from last friday, when I saw them live at the Stockholm Globe Arena

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Absolutely the "Live at Leeds"-era WHO' date=' which I realize is more P-90s than SG. That's the reason I own my Classic and got rid of my Standard. My Guild S-100 with the JB/59 set-up did a much better Sabbath than my '95 Standard.[/quote']


Townsend - yes!


I actually think the Isle of Wight performance of Young Man Blues was better... Talk about TONE!!!!


Between around the 4:00 and 5:00 mark Pete is absolutely on fire!!



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