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That trader type...


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I’m going to vent a little... :)

I’m selling some small odds and ends on AGF, including some tuning machines. New they are $80. Mine are off a new guitar . Im asking $50. No PayPal... payment by check.

A guy there (and here occasionally): will they fit my Taylor.

Me: ask stewmac... I don’t know how to research that for you.

Him: what’s the lowest you will take?

Me: hmmm I don’t know how to answer that... I don’t feel I should ask you what’s the highest you’ll pay... I’m not a nickel dime guy... we have each of us $10-20k in musical guitars... I don’t care what I sell these for. I suppose since you ask without giving me a bid, $43... tell me what works... I’m just happy if they get used.

Him. I’ll pay $40 but only PayPal.

Me: happy holidays.

The guy bid me down $3. Three dollars. He has McPherson guitars, and Gibsons, and a dozen others...

Ps if anyone here wants gold Rotomatic Grovers for free.... (except that guy)... email me....

This is why I give away guitars more than I sell them.

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I find that the people who do the most dealing end up not owning the item in the end which goes to show that they are more interested in dealing than owning.


The first thing I sold on E bay was an old German mandolin. I really didn't know its value but I was getting bids and questions each day. One guy in New York mailed a question each day then an offer a little over the highest E bay bid. I let the sale run and New York didn't bid but it went to someone in Hong Cong would had not asked any questions.

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...I say it as unfortunately, because I'm not the type, but it seems like the type that haggle over the nitty gritty, and put themselves ahead of a good deal for everyone seem to be winning... I'll take the gold rotomatics if you throw in a designer pick (just kidding, I don't need the roto's...)

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Sal, I'd put $20 that says had you sold those to him for 40, he'd have listed them on Ebay for $60 the day he got em... I actually do know a few people who would do just this. it's a game to them, nothing more.


Id have been happy with $40. from anyone.....done the right way.


"Hey, I see your asking for $50 shipped... these would look great on my Taylor 412... Can you do $40 shipped? I havent been able to bring myself to buying them for $80 new, so I was happy to see your ad..."


I'd have said "done... email me your address. I'll ship them out and you can send me a check."


Actually, on the other tuners I am selling, Grover Stat-Tites, a guys asked me if the condition was really as I was describing, as he needed new-looking. I told him I'd ship them to him... and he can judge. If he likes them he can pay me what he felt was fair, and if not he can send them back.


I couldnt care less about haggling for $10, $5, or especially $3. I am just trying to get some old stuff cleared out, and more importantly used and not wasted.


It's just the manner in which it is done.




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I hate gold hardware.


Yeah some people?


I hear you, Sal. Hope typing that out helped you vent!


I once ordered a Martin 000-15S from my local guitar shop. I waited about six months for it to arrive as they were very popular at that time. When the NGD finally arrived, I went to pick it up and opened the case - blinding gold tuners. The specs on the website were for nickel. Martin for a time used gold hardware on 17 series guitars, and I guess they had them hanging around and threw them on the 15S. I didn't make a fuss of it, but my first impression of that guitar was....disappointing. I figured I could demand they be changed, yadda yadda, and spend another 6 months waiting for it to go back to Martin, etc., or just live with it. Suffice to say, I never bonded with that guitar and moved on from it quickly, and it wasn't only the ugly tuners. However, all's well that ends well - I ended up with my beloved Gibson!

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OMG don't get me started. I sell a lot of stuff on Kijiji and have recently sold a ton of household things for my friend there as well. People don't read. People are rude. People don't think. We should probably have a whole forum dedicated to stories of just plain stupid people conversations about sales online.


I always put the following notice, in BOLDFACE, on the top of any of my ads:




I get all kinds of texts, "Is it still available?"


Then there are those bold "trader types" where you meet them in a neutral location because you've made a deal for, say, $200 for an item. You show up with the item and they show up with $150. Seriously? After that, I wouldn't sell it to you for $400!


It is almost as annoying as being in retail and having to deal with customers who continually ask for discounts because they are frequent shoppers. You look up their account and they have spent $500 in the store over five years. I have customers who drop thousands of dollars on gear a month and they don't get a discount but you are entitled to one? [-(

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Unfortunately interactions like this just come with the territory.


I usually have a tolerance of one back and forth with someone, and if they seem to be playing this exact game that Sal is experiencing I just ignore them. Like Sal mentioned, many of us have some nice instruments, so haggling over $3-$7 dollars is just ridiculous and can be insulting. Whenever I do a purge like that just to get rid of some odds and ends just to clear out the clutter by selling a couple pedals, tuners, straps, etc., I just set a fair price and usually after a while someone will come along and take it. those who reply with lowball offers or are into the constant back and forth messages usually aren't serious and are just time wasters. For them it's more about the deal, and I dont really have the time and effort to engage with those people anymore. Sometimes I'll just take the stuff to a Goodwill or Salvation Army store simply because I have no desire to deal with these nut jobs.

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There are a few ways to lose any faith in humanity that you still had, and one of those ways is to put an item for sale. Possibly worse on the list is to advertise for a drummer for your band! [crying][crying] [crying]


Another thing is to open your iPad on a Saturday Morning (here) to find all your Apple devices have been hacked and Apple have stopped your accounts ‘for security reasons’......new passwords required and all that jazz. I only use the iPad for read only stuff but I suppose hindering my reading of the Gibson Acoustic Forum has given some twopp some joy..... [mellow]





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