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Cal Wildfires


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Yesterday,many of the school districts in the Sacramento area announced that schools will be closed on Friday.

So I have the day off today. But I am staying inside.

The air here is in the "Hazardous" category for air quality. It is really bad.

Many of the students at the high school I teach at have had to wear masks to cover their mouth and nose.


I know this is nothing compared to those who have lost loved ones, or their homes.

I didn't want to take away from the thread on Tman.

We all wish him the best.


So I thought I would start a thread for others who may have been adversely affected by the hell that is going on in this state right now.

It is having a very significant affect on so many of us out here. [unsure]

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Hi brad1,

Yeah, those images I have come across show a "Hell on Earth" type scene. It is unimaginable to me to have flames the size of large trees surrounding me. I feel very sorry for all those affected and hope that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel someday - hopefully sooner than later. And it is even more painful because of the lives lost - and the unaccounted individuals whose fate is unknown. That's what makes this a true tragedy... Losing homes and things is extremely tough to handle, but losing our loved ones is just incomprehensible... It saddens me to watch people mourn the losses of their loved ones. It's the truest form of sadness IMO. Nothing means more to me than the lives that surround me, that's about all I can say. There are a lot of good people out there though, and I do not think that these who are destitute and suffering will go unnoticed.


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