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Hey Sal, that was really good! I would not have imagined an AJ sounding that nice fingerpicked. I always thought of it as a guitar for hard flat picking or strumming. Are the guitars behind you becoming jealous perhaps.


Would you mind elaborating a bit on how you hear the differences between the AJ and your other guitars?



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Thanks guys...

Lars... the AJ has fatter tone than the J45 or 50. And it is surprisingly responsive to fingerpicking. I, like you, stereotyping the AJ has a bluegrass machine. I find it warm, and. Find that it is mellow when I want, and can boom too. It’s defintely been one of those “where you been all my life” discoveries for me. It’s terriffic.

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A fine and balanced performance that shows how far you are with the f-picking now, , , and how magikal a thing it is to handle.

Liked the vocals too. Your voice is so significant and loaded with expression that I prefer it without the unison double-tracking (but U already know).

Harmony here and there works perfectos ^


My wish for X-mas : at least 3 verses of J.B. Sebastian's How Have You Been My Darling Children

, , , , and if that is beyond reach, an A/B between the AJ and the J-50.


A sock is on wall.

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