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At home we have an expensive mattress which could reasonably be rated as “firm”.


The reason we chose firm is because we both have problems with back pain and we believed that was the best way to go.


I the caravan at our holiday spot we have a Queen sized bed which to our dismay initially felt quite soft! We had some concern about that until we slept in it, but no more. Not positive but I believe it might be memory foam for the first few inches?


At home I toss and turn as I’m trying hard not to sleep on my back as I snore. So I’m a side sleeper I suppose. I’m lucky to get a full 6 hours of good sleep here but at the caravan with the “soft” bed I sleep 9 to 10 hours with only a toilet break in between and even then feel like I could sleep on.


I accept that I’m relaxed down there as responsibilities remain here with the property, but I’m certain that the soft bed, whatever it is, is the secret to the brilliant sleeps down there.


I’m considering a mattress topper with memory foam or something hoping to get a similar result.


I’m very happy to learn everything from the brains trust here so please tell me your experiences.

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We have a mattress that has a pillow top with memory foam. The bed itself is fairly firm but the pillow top makes it very comfortable. I think we paid about $600.00 for it in the US and my wife and I are very happy with the purchase. She could probably tell you the brand and all that but it was over 4 years ago when we purchased it.

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I have had a spring mattress with a bit of memory foam on top for about 5 years now (built in).. Recently I have been sleeping at my mums house to look after her.. Im sleeping in my old bedroom which is weird enough, but the mattress is just a normal spring one and is doing my back in... The nights I get to sleep in my own bed are joy and bliss :)

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A few bourbons or some red wine.





I believe that a mattress topper with memory foam is the way to go, sir.




Yes, I agree.



But the bourbon, or at least the red wine, wouldn't hurt either, even if not for sleep!


We have a hybrid. I think it's a Sealy. Coil springs with a memory foam top. I'd say it's medium firm. Super comfortable. Best mattress I've ever had. Or, maybe it's just the wine.





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Discussing the nuances of bed foam and degrees of firmness in guitar forums is quite normal.....


Mrs V et moi sourced an 'orthopaedic' king size a long time ago and it has been excellent throughout...


On some holidays in farm chalets etc, there have been traditional feather beds which seem to be all wrong with permanent deep dips towards the middle.....and yet they have ensured a luxurious night's sleep with no discomfort....


On a parallel issue : as an enthusiastic car driver I have always been meticulous in adjusting the driver's seat to ensure adequate lumbar support.....in addition to practising yoga for several years ( many of the postures focus on the spine )


Some folks are into the Alexander Technique


Others dig Chiropractic


Others visit an Osteopath


Take care and good luck.....!!





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Yep beds certainly fit the “Off topic” status of the lounge and besides you are such a knowledgable lot.


Wine & bourbon are not for me but it’s a good thought.


The trend I’m getting here certainly seems to support my thoughts (at this early stage) that a topper of memory foam might be the way to go.


Thanks to all that have responded and I appreciate hearing any more experiences that might be offered.

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My wife likes a firm mattress, I like a medium firmness. Springs are out for us. Memory foam is better. We had a Tempurpedic,which we liked, but after ten years, it developed permanent indentations. We recently got a Layla mattress... it has a firm side and a softer side. My wife likes the firm side okay, but she prefers firmer. I'm okay with either side. A foam topper is great, but they're usually very soft, esp. on a medium firmness mattress.


We've only had the Layla for about six months, and up to this point, we would highly recommend it. It doesn't seem to get hot, and we have not seen that it develops permanent indentations. Of course, if your into recreational activities, no mattress responds better than springs.

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Around 19 years old I had a water bed till I married later on but it eventually gave me back problems. Deb and I went to a Simmons Beauty Rest firm mattress and its old but still very comfortable for us both. We use the memory pillows that work for us and they stay cool. We checked into the memory bed mattresses but they wanted too much for them. The best pillow for my leg is a 100 lb. Doberman that cuddles up tp me.msp_flapper.gif

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Call me crazy, but I've had the same full sized mattress since I was a kid - 11 or 12 - and I'm 26 - will be 27 in April. No reason to get a new one. It's super soft and comfortable, which I love, and the most comfortable I've laid on, so until I absolutely have to, I won't change. Funny that waterbeds got mentioned. I remember my mom and dad having one when I was little. Super comfortable and cool. Seen one at a furniture store in my area a year or 2 ago and was a little surprised because I didn't think they made them anymore.

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A few years ago, the wife and I upgraded to a king-size Sleep Number Bed.


You adjust the firmness (or softness) with a hand controller much like a tv remote control.


She keeps her side the way she likes it, and I sleep in comfort on my side of the bed.

It's a pretty cool set up.





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I just got a mattress topper for Xmas.

It improves things but is not the best solution really (for me).

I have to get a new mattress this year - have been putting it off as a good one is expensive (£600-£1k upwards) here in the UK and I don't have that kind of money without selling a guitar or two! [scared]


The Emma mattress is getting good reviews at the moment and is cheaper than some. Absolute necessity to try before you buy though.

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I glad you posted Digger.


As someone with chronic insomnia I take whatever sleep I can get. I have to manage on 3 hours sometimes.


I have an orthopedic mattress. I never considered memory foam. Maybe worth a punt...



I’m sorry to hear about your problem ME, it makes things pretty hard if you don’t get a lot of sleep.


Having just got out of that lovely bed in the caravan I have to say it’s like floating on air and is certainly conducive to sleeping.


I’m extremely lucky to have found that I can influence sleep patterns with meditation.

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