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Id les paul custom

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Hi. They sell me this Gibson and I can not find out the year of manufacture with that serial number. I would be very helpful if someone could help me. Thank you





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According to Gibson themselves they used six-digit serial numbers starting with a '7xxxxx' in 1970, '71 and '72.


A better way to tell might be to have a look for the serial number(s) on the rear of the volume and tone potentiometers (f they are the ones originally fitted).

All USA-made pots are stamped with a code which denotes manufacturer and week / year when it was made. For instance 1377125 would break down thus;

137 = CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply - Gibson's main supplier)

71 = 1971

25 = 25th week of the year.


Here's where to input the number(s) you find;




Good luck and please let us know the outcome!




EDIT : I meant to add that this is the date when the potentiometer was made - not the guitar. If we can assume that Gibson had a stock of parts to hand then the guitar would have been made a few (several?) months after the date on the newest pot.

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