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Dan knows Mr Emin7- and E probably regrets StewMac doesn't offer "singles"; balsa pin, cedar pin, cork pin . . .



Stew-mac special: empty the "loose bridge pin" drawer into a bag, and ship it to Em7.


Like an advent calendar, with a surprise behind every door. Christmas in November.

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Nothing more, nothing less than 2 strap-pins in my favorite material : Living amber - w. 1 gold, 1 silver screw.

2018 ~ yQfCFcD.jpg


Have a few already, but guess one of these will go on the 1963 cherry J-45, which has a similar end-pin, , , and of course the matching (non-pixelated) tortoise p-guard.

Okay, fellow members - admit this wasn't exactly a NGD - but small has right too.


Thx for the comments - let's never be too old to play


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After all that !!

You’re a pest em7





Hey, he was all excited about them, which is a good thing. So were we, for that matter.


Small treats for your guitars are a lot cheaper than another guitar. (I have to keep reminding myself of that one every time I feel the insatiable urge to press the "buy it now" button.)

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