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Epiphone Casino 1965....


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Just picked up a beautiful Casino 65 and wanted some recommendations on string gauge. It is in need of new strings and I usually use Elixir 9-46 nanowebs on my electrics. Any suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks in advance.....

Congratulations on the new guitar. I play more rhythm, than lead, so I have a tendency to start with 10's, and depending on the guitar, will use 11's. I really like Tomastik Infelds, for my Casino, for a good blend between rock and jazz, but they are not the cheapest. I also tried Rickenbackers (Pick of the Rics) on my Dot, and like those, too. Really depends on what you're looking for your new toy, to do. Have fun, post pictures of your '65.

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Great guitar....!!


Casino's and ES330's can be strung to suit style of music and personal preference....


With due regard to playing action and neck relief....9's, 10's, 11's and even 12's could be used....


I have used Elixir 11's and D'Addario 10's (not sure which spec)


Other brands Rotosound and Newtone are also of good quality





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I am by no means any sort of "string snob". That said, I have an 8 year old Elitist Casino, as well as a Dot, Wildkat, and other mfgrs guitars as well, BUT, Epi recommends 10-46 on their elec's, and that's pretty much what I've used. Mfgr may vary, but I read some time ago (on the internet so it must be true, right?) that D'Addario makes about 80% of other mfgr's strings (albeit to their own specs). I've been on a "string quest" for a while now, and have been through Elixirs, Brite Wires, Cleatones, etc. All I can add is to go with what sounds and feels good to you. BTW I'm a home only player, not a pro.

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