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Gibson SG Special 2019 Colors


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Wouldn't it be nice to see this guitar also in vintage cherry and in white? Just like those back in the 60s!


Pelham Blue was only offered for the SG Standard. I have no information about the use of Sparkling Burgundy on any SGs.


I recently got me the SG Standard '61 2019 in Vintage Cherry, what a perfect color on a nicely figured mahogany. That would suit the Special, too!


What do you think?

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For me, I like the ebony and cherry SG's. The Walnut ones look good too. Pelham Blue makes me hurl. Friends don't let friends buy blue guitars.


I pretty much agree. The only exception I have is the Les Paul Studio Gem series with sapphire blue solid color finish. Now that blue looks good, and the cream colored P90s are a great addition with gold HW (which I know you aren't a fan of) and vintage style Kluson tuners. Aside from traditional-like finishes, this one guitar seems to pull me in for some reason... I don't know, why do we like the things we do I guess. But yeah, the pelham blue doesn't do it for me - especially with an SG. Ebony and cherry SGs are finishes I think fit an SG very, very well. But you know, there are guys out there who like the most crazy looking stuff out there and even look for the ugliest guitars ever constructed for whatever reason. Definitely not my gig. But to each and to their own - don't ever want to S on someone else's parade if it's something that they enjoy (and as long as it doesn't interfere with me).

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