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A Shout Out...

Jim Wilson

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I just want to give a shout out to Acoustic Vibes in Tempe, Arizona. They've got quite a number of good guitars...not just Gibsons. A couple of years ago, I bought a Gibson AJ from them at a very fair price. Since then, they've installed a K&K Pure Mini pickup in my J45 rosewood. Next week, if we can get it scheduled, I'll have them put another K&K is another of my J45's. Good products and nice people to do business with.


Has anyone else done business with Acoustic Vibes?

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Hi Jim,

I have not heard of them... looks like a sweet place. I visited the website and I noticed they carry the Atkins guitar line. It looks like Atkins is a UK builder that does good copies of iconic guitars, such as the Martin D18 and Gibson J45 and LGs. What’s interesting to me is with Atkins you could choose a mirror finish or an aged finish.

Check out this J45 copy with the aged finish and look at the pictures...


Pretty damn realistic! A cold weather finish crazed top!

Anyways, I suppose with import,export regs that Atkins can fill a niche.

Sorry for the detour from Acoustic Vibes... seems like a swell shop.

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While the K&K pickup gives you electricity for your guitars, you can do more once you have it.


I did a couple of test tracks to demo.


First a short blues on my Waterloo WL-14X with the K&K, no EQ etc:






And then another short blues and I ran the K&K to my Tonedexter preamp - much more 'life' in the sound:









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