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She used some of her settlement money for plastic surgery. I have seen pics of her before, and she had much smaller lips.


Why not? After all, she only had half a dozen kids then. The surgery was much more important than the children.

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I understand your feelings about how you guys pay your taxes and how you would like to keep as much money in your pocket as possible' date=' I get it.


Now I don't pay taxes so I don't feel strain about how taxes can stress people out, but I do know this.


In the process she went through, the succes rate to have kids was four. So to get this rate they implant 6 eggs inside of her, thinking that the others would not make it. This was a extremly rare case were all kids survived and one egg actually split.

*this is according to what the docters said after the births


So she has 12 kids, now shame on her becuase It takes alot of work just to raise one kid. Now I dont feel bad for her, she knew what she was doing. Feel bad for all those kids who may not get enough motherly love, It might be from a nanny or care taker. This money is so that the next generation doesnt become brain dead and have low IQ scores.[/quote']


sorry bass she has no defense

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she cant get any money from the govt (GOOD).........

no one will be attracted to her because her gut is bigger then me, my mom, my dad, and my brother combined..........

her poor kids will be skinnier then jimmy page @ his worst drug time..........

her parents probably love her too much to beat some sense into her..........



this is a real no win situation:-({|=

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