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At last. Proof that it's all bull s**t.


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His (own) wedding gig was the ultimate rock star wank.


I quite enjoy some of his playing but.... [thumbdn] :(


His sustain is a Sustainer though. Nothing to do with what guitar he's got. Who would play at his own wedding for over 6 mins like that? Plus, it was 'pay per view'. They made a profit from their wedding. He's such a narcissist.

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Don't tell Neal Schon that. msp_biggrin.gif


several years ago, i happened to find his email address accidentally. i thought it was an email for this studio producer/engineer i had a question for. i emailed and it turned out to be neil instead. we exchanged mail about 6 times, he was really friendly and helpful to me, a complete stranger he'd never meet.

if i ever do meet him in person, i'll thank him for that. the chances are slim though, we don't move in the same circles.


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