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My Mesa Boogie Mark V got lonely, so I got her this...

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Fender Limited-Edition Hot Rod Deluxe IV 40W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp Lacquered Tweed. The Mark V is still the best amp in terms of overall tonal ranges IMHO, but no matter how much I tweak it I can never get it to sound like a true Fender.





The reviews all say that it is a loud amp. That's not right though. It's not loud...it's very loud! I was playing at a volume level of 1.5, and my wife said "we need to get a new house!" The funny thing is that it goes to 12. I'm not kidding. The lacquered tweed is so worth the extra $50, but you can only get it from GC (it's exclusive to them).


The tone on this baby is everything that people rave about. The cleans shimmer, and channel 2 gets your classic blues tone. Fender did a nice upgrade with the Celestion A-Type speaker. What really impresses me is the reverb. I highly recommend this amp. Great bang for your buck. Goes well with any guitar, but I love it best with my Tele.

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Hi rocketman,


I bought one of these and I went through 3 of them because I personally was very dissatisfied with it. Not trying to be a buzzkill here or a jerk, but turn it up to a moderate volume and let a note on the high e string say around the 19th fret and you hopefully don’t hear it start to sound identical to the note you’re playing an octave lower as it rings. I reliably was able to reproduce this phenomenon and I just said F it and went with a Peavey Classic 30. It came down to the point where GC was going to give me 20% off the price. And these were new IV series HRD Amps... I mean I understand where you’re coming from with this thing about the cleans and the loudness. That’s all there, but I play leads and I CANNOT have what I explained going on. Especially for an amp that isn’t necessarily cheap. Hey at least you have something to try and possibly get refunded if you encounter this. If you do, I’m sure all of them will do it. I think the celestion speaker in it is the reason but I’m not buying a new amp to replace a speaker. Good luck and sorry. Looks nice though with the tweed.

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Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed!

Love the sound of a Fender Deluxe circuit. Had mine roaring away the other day.

I was playing open D and working on my slide technique.

These amps really sparkle and shine when you need them to.

I hope you put a lot of quality playing time in it.

Again, good for you, Rocketman!!


Mine is not the Hot Rod Deluxe model, but the simple little 12-watt original circuit.

It's interesting to read that so many guitarist use this amp.

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