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Epiphone Riviera P93 Mods Idea


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I have recently bought a 2nd hand P93.


I am thinking of the below modification to the wiring but am new to this so can someone tell me if there is anything wrong.


I am planning to replace all 4 pots with 500k push/pull


with the switches pushed in it should act as per the factory configuration


The improvements I hope to make are


Tone Pull will disable the tone pot completely (bright switch)

Neck Pull will disable the pickup (unless someone has a better idea)

Mid Pull will reverse the polarity to allow for hum cancelling

Bridge Pull will disable the pickup (unless someone has a better idea)


This should allow me to have a brighter sound, use only the middle pickup, currently putting it to mid and setting bridge and neck to 0 on volume means three are 3 x 500k in series to ground which causes leakage.


Additionally I may change to a 5-Pos switch as I currently cant disable the Mid pickup with this configuration.



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