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My first acoustic amp

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This guy just came in a little bit ago from eBay. It's a Fender Acoustasonic 150 acoustic amp. Never owned an acoustic amp and felt like I needed one. I really like the way it sounds. It has a Feedback Eliminator feature, quite a few effects, and a cool voicing knob which lets you choose between Pure Amp, Parlor, Dreadnaught, Jumbo, British, Tweed, and Blackface voicings. Very cool feature. Also has a 2nd channel where you can run either an instrument or a mic. It's in great shape. Other than one very tiny ding, it looks brand new. I originally got a Bugera AC60 acoustic amp. I liked the features of it and thought it was cool that t was small for 60 watts. Got it, but I was worried about it crapping out, knowing about people having problems with them before. Sure enough, after I got it I started playing though it and and the next day the 2nd channel crapped out on me. Back it goes and here comes this Fender. I think it sounds a lot better than the Bugera anyway, so It worked out good for me.


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yes, it will take a 1/4 plug, that input you see will accept both a XLR and standard guitar lead


if you are shopping around and don't mind some advice... I've been down the road and back a few times with acoustic amplification.


IF you're making the move for acoustic amplication, I've got experience with these three.


Bose S1 Pro

Fishman Artist

Acoustasonic Jr (this is one of the older from about 2004 has 2 8X woofers and a peizo driver.)



IMHO, Fishman Loudbox series and Bose S1 Pro really do have it figured out.


For a practice setup, the fenders are of course just fine. If you're looking to gig, or use in band setting, check out the loudbox Artist.. most of the local stores have these. if there's a Bose S1 Pro in the store, try that too. The clarity, and projection of just these 2 to name a few, are incredible.

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