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I stumbled upon this ancient bit of video of Ted Nugent on David Letterman's show, back in the day.


I apologize for the video quality, but the sound is a-okay.


Ted plays two different songs, and his guitar technique is crisp, visceral, and almost Billy Gibbons-like at times.


So good.

Who knew?




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I did.

I have many of his albums.

I've seen him concert several times. The first was in 1977.

It was my first concert. I was blown away.

He can play incredibly fast. He can play slow, wonderfully melodic stuff too.

One of my very favorite tone masters. 👍🏼😃

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I did

I did too. Stick to Ted's early stuff, especially the songs with Derek St Holmes singing lead (excellent hard rock; the last such album w/ Derek was 'Weekend Warriors') -- after that, Ted lost me. That early era was when he played a Gibson Birdland through Fender amps.


Some highlights worth a second look:

- Stay with Derek-sung tracks as a general rule

- The three tracks off 'Free For All' sung by Meat Loaf

- Cover version of Beatles 'I Want To Tell You'

- 'Need You Bad'

- 'Snakeskin Cowboys'

- 'Dog Eat Dog'

- 'Stormtrooping'

(there are a bunch others too)



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I am so glad you posted that.

Coming home from work to sit back and watch that was entertaining. I was totally into it.

The interaction between Letterman and Nugent was amazingly lose and matter of fact. Got a little tense in the second half, but was really entertaining.

I didn't mind it getting political. It was informative.

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