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Dull and dark sounding 2013 Les Paul Traditional, Weird Pickup resistance


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My 2013 Les Paul Traditional is sounding dull and dark. Consequently, i decided to unsolder both classic 57 and classic 57 plus pickups to verify the resistance. This was the result:


Neck Pickup ---- Classic 57 = 6.7 k


Bridge Pickup ---- Classic 57 Plus = 7.5 k


Is this normal? I bough this guitar used in 2014 on ebay? Is it normal that the pickups sound so dark and dull? Should i invest in a new set of pickup or simply sell this guitar as it it? My Sg 61 reissue pickups measure 7.75k each and sound perfect.

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Looks like normal range readings to me for alnico magnet pick ups. If they were ceramic pick ups I would think they are reading a bit low. Are they set too low under the strings? How old are your strings or have you switched string brands by chance? I know it sounds kind of nerdy but some guitars react to other name brand strings better than the name brand strings you might prefer. Sure it is not your amp settings? I am just looking for some obvious choices that I know you may have addressed already but if you have not, it may be worth a try.


Also I have in the past cleaned the pick up selector and volume pots out with a good electronic cleaner. It may help a bit to do that and also make sure you do not have any cold soldered ground wires or a loose connection.


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