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New member from Marseille, south of France.


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Good morning,


I'm a new member in this great forum.

First of all, please excuse me in adavnce for the english mistakes I could do...

I live in Marseille, in the South of France (mediterranean coast).


Really fan of the Rolling Stones, and also of Black Crowes, Dylan, Django Reinhardt, Tommy Emmanuel, etc.


My guitars:

- Gibson Hummingbird 1993

- OM guitar (Madagascar rosewood / spruce from Switzerland) from Emeric Beaujouan luthier

- Gipsy guitar from Jacques Favino luthier (1977)

- Nylon strings guitar from Maurice Dupont luthier

- 12 strings Takamine EAN-1012

- Ovation Elite 1868 (1998)

- Japanese Fender Stratocaster (1980's)


Guitars I previously owned: Gibson LG1 (1957), Gibson J100 (2000), Gibson J45 1960's Reissue, Kalamazoo by Collings WL-14 XTR, nylon strings Aparicio, etc.


Very happy to be here in thiis forum and very interesting on exchanging with people from all over the world!


Looking forward to reading you!


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Welcome, Emmanuel.


The Gibson forum is a wonderful collection of guitar players, enthusiasts, and collectors.

You have an impressive collection of guitars there in Marseille, I must say.


Please feel free to share stories, anecdotes, and (most importantly) photos.





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