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Good morning.


Most Kramer solid-body electric bass guitars are well made.


As long as the neck is true, the action is smooth and playable, and the electric bits all work, you should not have a problem.


A Korean Forum Series bass should go for about 250 Euros in really good condition.


Looking forward to seeing pictures!!



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After doing my research extensively on this topic I have found out that it depends on what model it is and the features. Forum I was a neck thru with passive features. There was an attempt to add a pre-amp as well but that didn't go so well and a lot of people just by passed the pre amp and made them passive. Forum II was a bolt on neck and was passive or active. But most of them were passive. Due to them trying to get the right combination of pre-amp and Pick-Ups. Forum III was neck thru and they gave you the option of passive, the one with 2 knobs and a switch, or active pre-amp with 4 knobs and they only made a few of these which makes these pretty rare. The prototypes of the Forum III had a XA number on the back plate which makes them even rarer. The Forum IV was a bolt on neck and they also gave you the option of passive or active. And Thank God Gibson Saved Kramer!!!! If you have any different info on these I would greatly appreciate any input that you might have!

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On 3/15/2021 at 10:26 PM, Kramer Man said:

 The prototypes of the Forum III had a XA number on the back plate which makes them even rarer. 

XA is nothing to do with prototypes. My III & IV also XA serials and I have one more with XB and regular B.  X probably means they were the ones with the active Korean HAZ preamp. Korean Spectors also had serials beginning with X and they were far from prototypes.


The forum I wasn't with passive features. ALL Forum I & II has ACTIVE EMG with Spector KHAZ preamp. The difference between I & II is the neck through vs. bolt on construction and the I is arched top while the II is flat.

With the Forum III-IV there were not option between passive and active. The ones with the switch and 2 knobs  you're talking about were the early III-IV with passive pickups & electronics. Around mid production they revamped the III-IV and they put passive Spector labeled EMG Select pickups and the active KHAZ preamp.

Both versions of the III-IV are basically the same except the bolt-on vs. neck through construction.

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